Maurer Law LLC monitors the following pending student loan lawsuits.   Links are to the free Court Listener project, which provides makes federal dockets available to the public.  However, these dockets may be out of date.  If you have need of particular documents or more recent filings that are not available through the Court Listener project, you can use your own PACER account or contact my office.

Borrower Defense Litigation

3:17-cv-07210, Central District of California, Manriquez v. Devos

1:17-cv-08790, Southern District of New York, Colon v. Devos

3:17-cv-07106, Central District of California, California v. United States Department of Education et al.

1:17-cv-01330District Court for the District of Columbia, Bauer v. Devos (Consolidated with Massachusetts v. Devos)

5:17-cv-0342, Central District of California, Dieffenbacher v. Devos

1:16-cv-11949, District of Massachusetts, Williams v. Devos

Gainful Employment Litigation

1:17-cv-02139, District Court for the District of Columbia, State of Maryland v. Devos

Bankruptcy of Borrowers

16-03175, Southern District of Texas, In re: Evan Brian Haas

Bankruptcy of For-Profit Colleges

17-50003, Southern District of Indiana, In re: ITT Educational Services, Inc.Villalba v. ITT Educational Loan Services

Public Service Loan Forgiveness

8:17-cv-02503, Middle District of Florida, Daniel v. Navient Solutions 

2:18-cv-00031, Eastern District of Pennsylvania, Morris v. Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency  

Corinthian Colleges

3:16-cv-00438-PK, District of Oregon, Securities and Exchange Commission et al v. Aequitas Management, LLC et al