Maurer Law LLC offers a range of services for employers who wish to support their employees with student loan debt

  • Group presentations on the basics of federal and private student loan debt
  • Evaluation for public service loan forgiveness
  • Industry-specific webinar and resource packets for employees
  • Financial consultations to optimize repayment plans.

For financial tech companies, Maurer Law LLC offers:

  • Title IV compliance
  • Docket monitoring of pending student loan and Title IV litigation
  • Consultations on the student loan servicing industry

Additionally, Maurer Law LLC represents individual student loan borrowers in the following areas:

  • Holds on official transcripts due to student loans or tuition debt
  • Borrower defense and total and permanent disability discharge applications
  • Debt defense in private student loan lawsuits
  • Public service loan forgiveness eligibility review

Maurer Law LLC also takes pro bono and sliding scale student loan and landlord-tenant cases from community partners in the Cleveland area.