Maurer Law LLC is proud to serve the Cleveland community through housing advocacy and pro bono eviction defense, particularly focused on lead poisoning.

Because of Cleveland’s older housing stock, the City has the highest rates of lead poisoning in the state and among the highest rates anywhere in the country.  Currently more than a quarter of Cleveland kindergartners come to school with a positive lead test above the CDC’s recommended levels.  Even low levels of lead can cause cognitive and behavioral problems that last a lifetime.

In 2017, while working at the Legal Aid Society of Cleveland, Rebecca Maurer was one of the attorneys who sued the City of Cleveland for its handling of lead poisoning cases, resulting in a victory that helped Cleveland tenants identify homes that had previously poisoned a child.

In 2019, Maurer worked with a community advocacy group that hoped to pass a law making Cleveland’s housing stock lead safe.  Coverage of their progress is available here and here.

Maurer continues to take pro bono eviction defense cases referred through community partners including Slavic Village Development, the Housing Center, and the Legal Aid Society of Cleveland.

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